Specialities in Eye Illnesses

-Diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases: diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, vitreomacular interface diseases (epiretinal membrane, macular hole) with vitrectomy

-Fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography

-Retinal laser treatments

-Macular Optical Coherence Tomography -OCT- with spectral domain technology, OCT Angiography (no intravenous injection), autofluorescence, multicolor retinography, wide field imaging -55º- (Heidelberg Spectralis OCT2)

-Treatment of macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, retinal occlusion macular edema and other causes of macular edema with intravitreal therapy (anti-VEGF and corticoid implant)

-Cataract surgery complications treatment (intraocular lens-IOL- or nucleus fragment in vitreous)

-Ocular echography

-Corneal disease (degenerations, dystrophies, infections, inflammations)

-Anterior chamber OCT (Heidelberg Spectralis OCT2)

-Dry Eye Syndrome

-Chemical/ thermal lesions

-Scleral and epiescleral diseases

-Complex cataract surgery: sulcus or iris fixed IOL, capsular tension ring, iris ring, myotic pupils, subluxated and luxated crystalline lens, complex postop

-YAG laser capsulotomy/iridectomy

-Diagnosis and treatment (medical and surgical) of the various types of glaucoma-Visual Field testing- Humphrey-

-Implant/valve/antimetabolite surgery

-YAG laser iridectomy, laser trabeculoplasty

-Optical Coherence Tomography -OCT- of Nerve Fiber Layer and Ganglionar cells with spectral domain technology (Heidelberg Spectralis OCT2)

-Optical Pachymetry

-Eyelid and Orbit injuries/trauma
-Eyelid abnormalities
-Entropion/ Ectropion
-Lid malpositioning
-Thyroid eye disease
-Disorders of lacrimal duct system
-Lesions of the eyelid/periorbital area
-Orbital tumors/masses


-Entropion/ectropion repair
-Ptosis repair
-Blepharoplasty (superior/inferior)
-Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
-Removal of eyelid tumors/lesions
-Removal of eye: Enucleation, Evisceration, Exenteration

-Diagnosis of Visual field defects

-Colour vision defects

-Ocular motility disorders

-Double vision/diplopia

-Pupillary abnormalities

-Neurologic conditions with ocular involvement

-Idiopathic intracranial hypertension

-Optic nerve OCT

-Refraction and accommodation defects

-Inflammatory and infectious disease of anterior pole

-Cataract surgery with monofocal, toric, bifocal, trifocal intraocular lens (IOL)

-IOL calculation with IOL Master

-Amblyopia treatment


-Uveitis management

-Open eye injuries

-Blunt trauma

-Ocular echography

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